Would you like to increase the value of your business by up to 71%?

Hi, I’m Demetrios Venetis. I've helped my clients use training as a strategic and competitive weapon.


By empowering their employees, they have simultaneously increased sales and reduced costs.

As a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, I have helped many organizations to rapidly grow their profits and revenues by expanding their organizations effectiveness and efficiency. 


By using training as a strategic and competitive weapon, employees rapidly and systematically deploy profit enhancing methods to strengthen the success of their organizations. 


For example, I have taught, mentored, and coached teams that have, within three to six months:

♦ Eliminated 80% of database errors within two weeks

♦ Cut error rates by 50-75%

♦ Increased output, often in the range of 25% to 75%, utilizing the existing asset base

♦ Sliced lead times by at least 50%, and sometimes as much as 90%, using existing resources

♦ Reduced Work In Process (WIP) Inventory by at least 75%

♦ Increased usable floor space by 50%

♦ Dramatically accelerated the launch of new products and services by successfully deploying and administering a Learning Management System (LMS) to train 400 sales people

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Rakesh Singh.jpg

Rakesh Singh, PhD, PE, MBA

Over the past several years at Entegris, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Demetrios on a number of DOE development and data analysis assignments. I always found him extremely knowledgeable and helpful in rapid and effective progress of our projects. His high level of expertise, insightfulness, organizational skills, sense of urgency and professionalism were unmatched. Demetrios is a gifted teacher and mentor. He makes the difficult subject matter and intangible concepts easy to understand for the team members with very little background. Working closely and sharing in-depth information with Demetrios was always very beneficial, due to his excellent ability to listen and consider various viewpoints, understand the issues and provide thoughtful solution in a timely manner. He is extremely personable and his coworkers enjoy working with him. I strongly recommend Demetrios without any reservation. He will be an excellent addition to any projects for which you are in need.

Mick O'Neill.jpg

Mick O'Neill

I worked with Demetri at Entegris were I served in different manufacturing and quality roles and he served as the company’s Master Black Belt of their Lean Six Sigma program. Demetri was responsible for all Green Belt and Black Belt training and mentoring on their projects; which were in plants nationwide and internationally. Green/black belts were technicians, engineers and managers from all different roles within the company, however the vast majority came from operations and quality.

I found him to be an insightful coach, able to lead and develop green/black belts while ensuring that the correct methods/procedures were followed by all. He managed this diverse group to ensure that the chosen projects would truly be transformative and value-added to their respective business units and plants. His expertise and leadership helped resolve existing issues and conflicts across various plants; during my own project for example, we had to teach management about Process Capability. Frankly, my interaction with him was one of the reasons I decided to pursue a career in Lean.

Paul Krasinkewicz.jpg

Paul Krasinkewicz

Demetrios is an exceptional teacher and mentor. He has the ability to take complex ideas and concepts, and present them in a simple and effective manner. For example; he has created a hands on workshop and taught FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis) that by the end of the session, the team had the foundations of a working functional FMEA. 

He has taught and guided many people to solve a diverse range of technical, scientific, as well as business problems. Through his direct participation, as well as mentoring and coaching others, he has had a major positive impact on Entegris. I am pleased to recommend Demetrios and always look forward to working with him."

Minerba Santoscordero.jpg

Minerba Santoscordero

I just went through the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course with Demetrios and it was such an excellent experience. His manner of teaching really gave me the extra boost of confidence to apply what I learned in class. "Before Demetrios, I did not think this WORLD ever had such a great teacher."

Bruce Garber1.jpg

Bruce Garber

Demetrios is a hard working well trained leader that uses his skills and abilities to train others. Always there to help one on one or many in an office, classroom or convention setting, with a smile on his face and an attitude to match. Demetrios is the go to person to help achieve a higher level of performance. I look forward to working with Demetrios on new and always exciting projects. I would recommend him for any and all teaching, coaching, mentoring, speaking and professional vision opportunities.

Keith MacNeal.jpg

Keith MacNeal

I participated in Demetri's Black Belt training and several supplementary trainings. He has a good grasp of the subject matter and conveys it well to the students. He did a good job using real world examples to illustrate concepts. I've found him to be a valuable resource in my project work.


Without counsel purposes are disappointed: but in the multitude of counsellors they are established.

Proverbs 15:22 KJV